Methods for manipulating the transformations applied to a molecule in VMD coordinate space, including position, rotation, center, and scale.

Per-molecule transformations

fix Set the fixed status of a molecule.
get_center Get the coordinates of the displayed center of a molecule
get_rotation Gets the rotation of a given molecule
get_scale Get the scaling factor for a molecule
get_translation Get the translation for a molecule relative to scene center
is_fixed Query if a molecule is fixed.
is_shown Query if a molecule is shown
set_center Set the center of an individual molecule
set_rotation Set the rotation of an individual molecule
set_translation Set the translation of an individual molecule
show Set if a molecule is shown

Global transformations

resetview Centers the view around a given molecule
rotate_scene Rotate the scene about an axis
scale_scene Set the scale or zoom level for the scene
translate_scene Translate the scene by a vector