The display module controls how the VMD render window and GUI look and are refreshed. These methods can be useful for automated rendering from Python.


update Force a render window update, without updating FLTK menus
update_ui Update the render window and all user interfaces
update_on Tell VMD to regularly update display and GUI menus
update_off Stop updating the display.
set Sets display properties.
get Query display properties
stereomodes Get available stereo modes


Keyword Type Description
eyesep float Distance between eyes for stereo display
focallength float Focal length
height float Screen height
distance float Screen distance
nearclip float Near clip plane
farclip float Far clip plane
antialias bool If anti-aliasing is used
depthcueue bool If depth cueing should be done
culling bool If surface culling should be done
ambientocclusion bool If ambient occlusion should used
stereo string Stereo mode, in output from stereomodes()
projection string Projection mode, either Persepective’ or ‘Orthographic’
size (int, int) Render window size
aoambient float Ambient lighting for ambient occlusion
aodirect float Direct lighting for ambient occlusion
shadows bool If shadows should be rendered
dof bool If rendering should be done with depth of field
dof_fnumber float F-number for depth of field
dof_focaldist float Focal distance for depth of field